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Design Questionnaire-

1. What room would you like me to work on? (no kitchens or baths) 

2. Please describe the style you would like to see for this room: For example - but not limited to:

* Casual - homey, warm, comfortable. Arrangements that avoid perfect symmetry. 

* Contemporary - neutrals with an accent color, clean lines, showcasing space rather than things, sleek and fresh.

* Formal - luxurious fabrics, antiques, decorative trim, symmetry, highly polished floors, Oriental rugs.

* Traditional - symmetry, florals, understated stripes, tone on tone, and small all over patterns are common in the fabric. Classic lines, functional, and unfussy. Pairs of lamps, urns, framed prints, vases, and collections of books are all traditional accessories.

* Transitional - a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics creating a classic, timeless design. Neutral colors, interesting textures, framed black and white photos. 

3. Please name /describe any furnishings that you have already and want to use in this room.

4. Tell me what your budget is for this room. 

5. Please tell me the dimensions of this room. You need to use a tape measure or laser measuring tool. Measure the room from end to end in one direction, and in the other. 

6. Next, you need to measure each wall. You will already have the length of each wall from floor measurement. Now you need to measure the height of the wall from the floor to ceiling. Knowing the height of the ceiling in your room will give you the dimensions of each wall.

7. Next, you need to measure your windows, the length of the windows, and how far the top of the windows are from the floor. You will also need to record how far the bottom of the window is from the floor. Do this for each wall. Also, include the measurement of where within the wall the window is. The same is necessary if a fireplace is in the room.

8. Next, measure the doors and or doorways. Measure the height and width of the inside of the door frame. Just as with windows and fireplaces, include the measurement of where within the wall the doorway is. Also, indicate if the door opens into or out of the room.

9. List any lifestyle information that you feel would help with the design of this room. How the room will be used. What pieces of furniture do you feel are a must for the room?

10. Tell me what colors you love , and what colors you don't care for.

11. E-Mail photos of the room - this will help me to fully understand the best layout for the room.